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Boost Your Health with Health Drink Supplements

A wide variety of energy drinks of different brands are available these days both in the local market as well as at the online marts. The main function of these beverages is to boost your physical as well as mental energy. Energy drinks provide you with large doses of essential vitamins and essential minerals especially B12. It has the ability to stimulate your body and refresh your mind. Energy drinks also increases your concentration as well as meliorates your mental functioning

Energy drinks like ‘PROTIS- Berry/Chocolate’, ‘Instant Amla drink’, ‘Yogi Tea women’s energy 30 gram’, ‘Aplomb PRO VIT X’, ‘Gin Oxy Chai- Ginger Tulsi Herbal Tea’, ‘Solutions Energy 60’, ‘Green Energy tea’, ‘RiteBite Women Honey & Nut’, and ‘GNC CoQ 10-50 mg’, are available at You can view their website and buy the aforementioned products at a competitive price.

PROTIS usually comes in Chocolate flavor or unique Berry flavor. PROTIS is an ‘energy drink supplement’ for small children. It provides them balanced nutrition and nourishes them with vitamins and minerals, essential proteins, and carbohydrates. Composition of the energy drink is free of Lactose and contains low fat. PROTIS fosters growth as well as ensures supply of adequate energy. Energy drinks plays a vital role in building strong bones & muscles, and maintaining healthy skin hair & teeth. These potent stimulants will sharpen your mental acumen and help you acquire good vision.

‘Instant Amla drink’ available at, comprises of amla, lemon, & ginger. This ‘natural source of vitamin C’ has the potential to quickly assimilate in the system of the human body. Amla not only kills viruses but also neutralizes toxins, and free radicals present in your body. It has been clinically tested that doses of ‘vitamin C’ is effective in treating viral infection. Apart from strengthening your body’s immune system ‘Instant Amla drink’, which is rich in antioxidant contributes greatly towards good health as well as longevity. ‘Solutions Energy 60’- metabolizes foods, combats fatigue and enhances production of energy. It will stimulate your central nervous system, enhance your cognitive performance, help in instant energy production as well as promote alertness.

‘Green energy tea’ contains 68% green tea, guarana, 7% lemon grass, peppermint, ginger, natural flavor, elderflower, black pepper, dried kombucha drink, and lemon verbena. Guarana is well known for its refreshing as well as nutritive value. This potential stimulant treats hangover caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and decreases fatigue effectively.’ Yogi Tea women’s energy 30 gm’ – This ayurvedic blend is composed of hibiscus, mint, and liquorice. This herbal blend will refresh your mind, provide relief from stress, support your digestive system, provide additional energy and boost your stamina.

Protein shakes rebuilds your damaged muscles by supplying the required amount of energy. PROTIS-power 80% (Soy Protein Isolate), PROTIS-100%Whey protein concentrates, GNC 100%Whey Protein Powder Chocolate 1Lb, Wholesome Protein -250g/55lbs, Whey-O-Life-500g are available at at a competitive market price. These nutritious shakes are rich in dietary source of amino acids. Essential as well as non-essential amino acids are usually required for building various proteins, which in turn is used by the human body to repair the worn out muscles & other tissues of the body. Protein supplements also play a key role in growth and bone development. These advanced dietary supplements which are considered to be the best alternative for ‘lean source of protein’ also helps in maintaining your skin. ” are rich in antioxidants and contains anti-carcinogenic properties. They do not contain steroids/drugs. The advantages of regular consumption of protein shakes are many; they provide support to the immune system of your body, protect you from bacteria and viruses, ameliorate composition of body mass, boost your physical activities and help in developing positive outlook. They do not contain any steroid or drug and is easy to digest.

” supplements; generally referred as ‘nutrition powerhouse’ contains phytochemicals, that not only fights against diseases like cancer, osteoporosis but also reduces the risk of heart ailment. This multi-nutrient dietary supplement contains protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium, folic acids & iron. Isoflavones, saponins, & phytic acid, are some of the phytochemicals that are present in Soy protein. Each of them performs specific functions. Isoflavones is a powerful antioxidant that prevents ‘uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells’ in the human body i.e. cancer, as well as signs of aging. Isoflavones along with vitamin E, A, and C counters ravaging effects of pollution, stress, and free radicals present in the body. Saponins which are strong antioxidants support your immune system. Phytosterols and Saponins once combined with cholesterol acts as a powerful agent in reducing the level of ‘cholesterol absorption’ in your body.

Protein is the primary component of any organ, muscle, or gland of the human body. Each and every living cells of our body contain protein. The only exception is bile and urine. Protein plays a very important role in maintaining the cells of ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Protein supplements such as Total One Sport 60, Green foods magma plus 150gm, Growth-O-Life, PROTIS-GOLD (Whey Protein Isolate) are the richest sources of ‘nourishment’ and contains ‘growth stimulating amino acid blend’. They provide additional amount of protein that is necessary for increasing muscle mass as well as for the healthy development of brain and body. They also promote rapid growth and helps in achieving ideal body composition.

Protein powder is specially formulated protein supplement that supplies non-essential & essential amino acids, required for building & maintaining the muscles of your body. Daily intake of these dietary supplements containing ‘high quality protein’ will result in strong hair & healthy skin. They contain dietary fiber and are easy to digest.

GNC 100% Whey Protein Powder Chocolate 2Lb, Healthy Carbs, Healthy Gains-Value Pack 7.6 lbs, PROTIS-100% Whey Protein Concentrate, and Mega Gains-700g/1.54lbs, are protein powders that are readily available at They are rich in micronutrients, antioxidants, and anti-carcinogenic actions. They supply balanced calories, essential vitamins &minerals to the human body, which in turn is required for gaining weight. Consumption of these aforementioned protein powders is absolutely safe, as they are free of drugs and steroids.

All Natural Penis Enlargement Program

Our penis enlargement manual is an downloadable guide to increasing
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When you get aroused, your brain releases a hormone and tells your
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an erection. Your penis is full of a spongy tissue which absorbs
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Our exercises stimulate these cells in a manner akin to body building,
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Over the course of a few weeks, your penis has stimulated these
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This is REAL penis enlargement, our way, the right way, the medically
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В· Enlargement of the penis in the flaccid and
erect state.

В· Prevent premature ejaculation.

В· Achieve rock hard erections that last for hours.

В· Improved ejaculation force and volume.

В· Increased sexual stamina with high level, intense orgasms.

В· Strengthening of the oversensitive glands.

В· Stronger erections and successful treatment for erectile dysfunction.

В· Improved function of the prostate gland.

В· Straightening of the slightly bent or curved penis.

В· Improvement of self-esteem and confidence.

В· Preventing the circumcision operation on the adult male.

В· Enlargement and development of the glands and rim or “mushroom”.

В· Development of a handsome and healthy model penis.

В· More virility with a strong, fit, and healthy penis and urinary

“First, I have to say it works.
I still can’t believe how great this program is – worth every
dollar. Also, this is the first time I am totally happy with
something I bought on the web..IT’S REAL”
Zach C, GA

Our Clients | Goodman Lawrence Healthcare

As with any business the same core principles apply and our philosophy underpins the care of our clients that is based on a highly personal, responsive and proactive commitment which helps our clients deal with the issues that affect them on a day-to day basis.

Our core values are our operating principles that guide the way we work. They reflect the way we work and relate to our clients and our team.

  1. We concentrate on what is most important, eliminating confusion and bringing clarity and confidence.
  2. We are committed to eliminating negative emotions about money.
  3. All aspects of life are inter-related. We believe the only way to achieve meaningful solutions is to look at the big picture.
  4. We are innovative and creative, challenging expectations to get the best results.
  5. We believe that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  6. We are honest and forthright in all our communications.
  7. We strive to provide the best possible financial solutions.

Retail Diet pack

Karen C. – How I Lost Weight and Kept it off!

I finally found a solution to look better, feel healthier,
increase energy, and keep the weight off.
I have tried so
many diet programs and products in the past and nothing ever
worked. The programs were unrealistic and not customized to
meet my needs. After having my first child, my weight was
at an all-time high at 200 lbs. I was so happy to have a
wonderful new addition in my life, but my stress levels were
through the roof, and I found myself fatigued and unable to
keep up with the daily needs of my family.

Since my previous weight loss attempts had all failed with dismal
outcomes, I started the Ultimate Program with little hope of
achieving results. However, within the first two days, I noticed
a dramatic increase in my level of energy, and I felt better overall.
I could not believe how much better I felt! I was able to look myself
in the mirror and be proud of my results and appearance. My confidence
soared, and I was able to easily shed off the pounds.
The results were absolutely wonderful!!

In my first month, I lost 15 lbs. and stopped suffering from fatigue.
I have now lost over 50 lbs and gone from a size 20 to a size 8.
Being a mother is still demanding, but I now look great, feel wonderful,
and have the energy to enjoy the time with my family and meet all of the
demands of my busy life.

I have thrown out all of my “fat clothes” and will never need them again
using these effective products. Additionally, with the extensive product
lines offered and the ability to customize programs to meet my exact needs,
I have been able to increase my calcium intake and improve my bone health
as well as my digestive and heart health while still losing the weight.
My body inside and out has seen amazing results!




Tree of Life, Whole Health System products.


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Let Go & Live!

Can’t figure out why time seems to be flying by so quickly, but, I have another lesson from music lyrics…”live like you are dying.”  Even Steve Jobs, the computer whiz got it.  He said that once we truly understand we are only here for a short time, we can feel free to follow our heart without worry of what others think. Nelson Mandela once said we aren’t really afraid of failure, but of success.  We have potential to do some wonderful things while we’re here on Earth!

 So why are we so afraid to step out and be our true selves? 

I’m not ready to die, but I am ready to let go and live.  I have too many wonderful people in my life and too many things I want to experience!  My priorities?  Family and friends.  They keep me laughing and smiling.  They love me for just who I am.

What a beautiful thing that is!

Practice Variability Project Aims to Help PA Physicians Lead in the Volume to Value Race

To help position Pennsylvania physicians and the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) to take a lead in addressing practice variation, particularly as providers move from volume-based to value-based care, PAMED plans to set up a Task Force on Practice Variability.

Variation in spending and utilization per Medicare beneficiaries across geographic areas and even within provider organizations, has long been documented. Many aspects of health care reform are pushing the field to address such variation, and pressures are accelerating on providers.

PAMED is working with Capital Blue Cross (CBC) on a project to examine practice variations in their coverage territory in collaboration with physicians. The project follows the lead of the Choosing Wisely Campaign, designed to educate patients on health care choices.

To help lead the project, CBC has enlisted Focused Medical Analytics (FMA). CBC and FMA are using two years-worth of data to determine what is driving the cost of care by specialty for a given condition and given procedure.

The first initiative will focus on the use of imaging for patients with GERD. CBC and FMA have identified wide variation by practice and within a practice for this service.

“Variation in spending and use of medical testing and services has long been documented among Medicare recipients,” said Dennis Olmstead, chief strategy officer and medical economist at PAMED, in an interview with the Pittsburgh Business Times. “Now, PAMED and insurer are teaming with FMA to look at the care variations that don’t impact how well the patient does.”

“Not all variation is bad,” he said. “This is about providing quality care.”

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Mount Sinai – Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Through membership in the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) some pediatric patients that are being treated for various forms
of cancer at Mount Sinai have the option to be enrolled in progressive research studies.

History of COG

Forty years ago, cancer was virtually a death sentence for a child. With so many different types of childhood cancer, no single hospital
saw enough patients at one time who were similar enough to allow for effective research. In 1956, a group of experts at several hospitals
began to pool their expertise and ideas, patient populations and results in treating children with leukemia, the most common form of childhood
cancer. This consortium was the nation’s first cooperative research group, a model that has since become the standard for medical research of
all kinds.

The COG now consists of thousands of doctors, nurses, and other experts who treat children with cancer, as well as scientists who discover
new treatments in the laboratory. The group is made up of over 200 top medical institutions across the United States and beyond.
The Mount Sinai Medical Center is one of these designated institutions.

As a COG member, the Mount Sinai Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology must maintain the highest standards for treating children with cancer.
We follow COG-defined protocols to prove scientific, medical, and ethical scientific expertise. It is vital that we maintain a
multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, basic scientists, and other specialists with the skills needed for state-of-the-art diagnosis,
treatment, care, and investigation of childhood cancer.

How Cooperative Research Works

  • COG conducts over 150 concurrent studies covering all the principal cancers of infants, children, and adolescents. Many of these studies
    are currently open for patient enrollment at Mount Sinai. Over 40,000 patients world-wide are being treated according to COG research
    protocols. These clinical trials compare the best available treatment to one or more experimental treatments, which are carefully developed
    with the goal of yielding even better results.
  • When a child is treated on a COG protocol, all the information about the patient’s diagnosis, treatment and results is sent to the Group
    Operations Center. There all the data are collected and analyzed, and findings are published for the entire membership.
  • In addition to these data, tissue samples and cell lines may be collected and stored for the use of group members in current and future
    research. The group also maintains laboratories essential to the diagnosis, treatment and research of childhood cancers.
  • Research findings are shared with the entire membership through ongoing communication, publications, and meetings. The group then builds
    on this knowledge to determine the next steps for research. Because the data from many patients are combined, clinical trials obtain results
    more rapidly, and new treatments are developed hundreds of times faster.

For more information about COG research please visit their Web site at

Analytical Services

Pharmalytic offers an efficient, accurate and reliable package of analytical services for the pharmaceutical industry. Our detailed understanding of analytical requirements allows us to support your product development and marketed product activities. 

The extensive range of our capabilities includes full ICH stability and storage facilities, physical testing, raw material, API and excipient analysis, inhalation studies and particle size analysis, as well as method development and validation projects. 

Our expertise and flexible approach at Pharmalytic facilitates both client specific methodologies and bespoke project requests. Our experienced analysts use state-of-the-art instrumentation to complement traditional wet chemistry, in order to deliver every project to you on time.