The Diseases That Hormone Therapy is Used For

The hormone therapy is used for various purposes. After long medical experiments and examination, the modern medicine has discovered this kind of treatment. The hormonal treatment consists of injection of hormones or drugs that will have different biological effect to the body of the patient.

Hormones are chemicals released in our body by certain cells or glands. These chemicals are released only in one part of the body though. From here, a message is sent to other parts of the body, thus affecting the cells that are in that region.

There are many uses for this kind of treatment. One would be the cancer. Cancer has been bothering the world for a very long time. Cancer represents the ailment when some cells divide uncontrollably, thus spreading in some parts of the body where they should not be. This is called malign tumor. Not all the tumors are dangerous. Benign tumors do nothing bad to human body, so you should not worry about them.

Then there are the aging problems that all the old people encounter sooner or later. For women, the hormone replacement therapy represents the use of certain medications in order to boost the level of oestrogen, progesterone, progestins and even testosterone, for the women affected of menopause. None the less, this treatment is good because it may prolong life and may reduce incidence of dementia.

For men, however, the hormone therapy represents the administration of testosterone, because they lose more and more testosterone as they get old. The testosterone is the principal sex hormone that a man has, and it is also used as an anabolic steroid. You may have seen the huge scandals that happen when an athlete is caught using anabolic steroids. That happens because the anabolic steroids are against the law. The testosterone has a lot of purposes in the male body. Some are the maintenance of muscle trophism, the mental and physical energy control, and the hormonal evolution of sexual characters.

Another purpose of the hormonal treatment is the sex change. The people that are not satisfied by the characteristics of their sex can assist to such hormonal treatments and change the sides. By doing this, the sexual characteristics changes accordingly, and for a complete change, the person who changes sexes also assists to a surgery. The thing that changes the characteristics of the person are the hormones, so this therapy actually means replacing the usual hormones with the one of the opposite sex.

And last but not least, the hormonal replacement for hypothyroidism. The thyroxines are the hormones secreted by the thyroid. They have various purposes, and for those who encounter deficiency in thyroidal secretion, this hormonal treatment will solve their problems.

There are many other uses of the hormone therapy, and throughout these years the modern medicine has been using them all. This treatment can help the people affected by many other different diseases. There have been a lot of experiments and a lot of observations done so the reports were as clear as possible, and finally, the treatments proved to be successful.

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