Nasopharyngeal Cancer Detection and Cure

Nasopharyngeal cancer or NP cancer is one the popular types of cancer causing death in Asian Groups particularly in southern China. History record of these disease shows that male are more affected than female with a ratio of 2:1. NP cancer has high chances of occurrence in the age of 50-54, whereas its early symptoms can start from the age of 15 to 20. There can be several reasons of NP cancer including diet, viruses and genetic structure. For instance, it is believed that in areas like southern China and North Africa, the major cause of NP cancer is diet of the people living in these areas. People living in these areas are habitual if cooking salt-cured food and meat. Cooking such kind of food releases nitrosamines the air which can stick to the membrane of nasopharynx that can lead to development of NP cancer later on.

NP cancer occurs in the upper part of throat, just behind the nose where the auditory tubes connects with rest of the respiratory tracks along with nasal passages. The early symptoms of NP cancer include high grade fever or a lump in the throat. Once you will visit the doctor with fever, lump in neck and pain in the nasal cavity, he will go through a thorough physical examination and will ask of your medical as well as family history (as one cause of the disease is genetic transmission). Your doctor can recommend you to an ENT specialist as well who will examine you further and may suggest some test.

Once the early symptoms are recognized, the patient is asked to go through NP Cancer testing. There are several ways to detect the NP cancer. Previously it was difficult to get the disease diagnosed in the early stages and it was always identified when it has reached its later stages where the cure was almost impossible. But now, due to advancement in genetic technology, testing Kits are available which are easy to use by the individual.
One of the common causes of NP cancer is associated with the presence of Epstein Bar Virus, which is also the cause of many other diseases. This virus is proved to be found in NPC cells by many research institutes but this is not the only cause of the disease. Environmental toxic carcinogens, weak immune system and genetics are also the leading causes.

One way of detecting the NP cancer in its early stages is to go through biopsy. There are several types of biopsies, but Genetic Brush Biopsy is one of the easiest and non invasive ways for NP Screening. This technique involves the use of a mildly abrasive brush which is used to pick up the loosely attached cells from the nesopharynx membrane. These cells are then put to NPC Testing. Genetic brush biopsy is non painful method and is bearable for the patient.

It is commonly suggested that NP cancer is best cured when it is detected in the early stages, so it is important for an individual to go through NP screen as soon as he or she recognizes the symptoms as it will increase the likelihood of cure from 40-50% up to 90%.

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