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Illegal Karaoke

Posted August 5, 2007 hanoi old quarter

Now that i have this site up, i don’t quite feel like writing anything, so here is a picture of a street corner in the hanoi old quarter instead, it’s just down the road from my hotel. Amazingly there seems to be wifi coverage all over this area (and it’s quick!), not bad for a “developing” country.

In 3 days i have unfortunately discovered karaoke, scarily one of the available song selections was the theme from “Neighbours”. Who would have thought that in a dodgy street near the train station, in the upstairs room of someone’s house (which is their karaoke business) the theme from Neighbours would be belted out with much gusto. I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners have since decided to pursue some other means of income (or at least taken the sledgehammmer to the karaoke machine), i’m sure the peace and quiet alone would be worth it.

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