About thingomatic

Thingomatic was founded in September, 2008 with the goal of creating an
innovative platform for e-commerce and online advertising. Thingomatic gives
sellers powerful, easy-to-use tools to market their products directly to
interested consumers and sell more online.

Thingomatic is based in San Francisco, California and is privately held.

Thingomatic, Inc.

577 Howard Street, 4th Floor

San Francisco, Ca. 94105

Phone: (888) 99-THING

Fax: (415) 777-1087


Use of Thingomatic’s web site and other services is governed by our
Terms of Service and
Privacy Policy.
To report a violation of these policies, please see our
abuse reporting page.

Copyright holders who believe a Thingomatic customer may be infringing upon
their intellectual property rights should notify us in accordance with our
copyright policy.

If you think you’ve found a security-related bug in a Thingomatic product
or service, please see our security reporting page.

Dave Pifke, CEO

Dave brings extensive e-commerce, web hosting, and consumer web experience,
having worked with a variety of startups in both technical and management
roles. In 1994, while still in high school, Dave co-founded a small community
ISP; after it was acquired he went on to run the dialup, web hosting,
dedicated access, and co-location business for a much larger nationwide
provider. More recently, Dave led the network operations team at Bebo, a
pioneering social networking site that was sold to AOL in early 2008, where he
was personally responsible for scaling the site from around 3 million
pageviews/day to nearly 300 million pageviews/day, sometimes with 20%
week-over-week growth. Dave is also an instrument-rated private pilot and
You can follow Dave on Twitter.

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