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1. How is it like to  travel with  Somans Leisure Tours ?

Travelling with Somans is like travelling   with  a  joint Family.   It is always Comfortable  Affordable  Interesting . You will be getting a tour  you always wished  for . Well experienced  Malayalee Tour manager accompanies   You

2. Is the tour all inclusive?
Yes it is.

3.  Apart from the tour cost do we have to pay anything extra ?
     No, usually all our tours take care of everything from takeoff  to
     landing. For our  Europe tours we even include tips ( which is         2 Euro  per day, per person)   and Travel Insurance

4  Which  type of hotels you provide?
     For all tours we  take  minimum  3  star. For Europe and  USA      most of the  hotels are 4 star . We always try to choose hotel             located near shopping areas and  metro stations.

5    What kind of food you offer?
  For almost all the tours  we provide Indian Lunch &  Indian dinner.
   In Bejing and Shanghai we provide Chinese Lunch. Breakfast   is    always complimentary either American   or Continental 

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