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Illegal Karaoke

Posted August 5, 2007 hanoi old quarter

Now that i have this site up, i don’t quite feel like writing anything, so here is a picture of a street corner in the hanoi old quarter instead, it’s just down the road from my hotel. Amazingly there seems to be wifi coverage all over this area (and it’s quick!), not bad for a “developing” country.

In 3 days i have unfortunately discovered karaoke, scarily one of the available song selections was the theme from “Neighbours”. Who would have thought that in a dodgy street near the train station, in the upstairs room of someone’s house (which is their karaoke business) the theme from Neighbours would be belted out with much gusto. I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners have since decided to pursue some other means of income (or at least taken the sledgehammmer to the karaoke machine), i’m sure the peace and quiet alone would be worth it.

Top attractions in manila | travel sales services

Capital of the Philippines, around 1.6 million people call Manila home, making it the country’s second largest city. However, it is just one of 16 cities that together comprise the National Capital Region, also known as Metro Manila, with a population of 12 million.

As the world’s mostly densely populated city, there is no shortage of hustle and bustle although you will find oases of calm in some of Manila’s five-star hotels as well as finding accommodation to suit all pockets.

Historically there has been human settlement in the area since 3000BC but the city was not mentioned in writing until the 10th Century when it became an important trade city with the Ming Dynasty of China. Spanish Conquistadors arrived in the 15th Century, making Manila the centre of their activity in the Pacific and earning Manila the nickname ‘Pearl of the Orient’ for its place on the trade routes. Subsequently Manila saw British, American and Japanese rule until the Philippines gained independence after WW2.

Rizal Park

An appropriate place to begin getting to know Manila, Rizal Park has played a central role in the country’s history. It was named after national hero Dr Jose Rizal, whose execution by the Spanish in 1896 sparked a revolution against European rule. A bronze and granite monument to the poet and patriot was unveiled in 1913 and it was on this spot in 1946 that the Philippines gained full independence in 1946.

Today the park hosts free concerts at the open air auditorium as well as other theatrical performances throughout its grounds. Early morning visitors may also get to see one of many Eskrima – Filipino martial arts – experts at practice. Also well worth a visit are the tranquil Japanese and Chinese gardens.

National Museum of the Philippines

Bordering the park, the National Museum of the Philippines is an excellent continuation of your Filipino cultural tour. This complex of grand buildings, formerly occupied by government departments now houses an anthropology and archeology collection – the Museum of the Filipino People, the National Art Gallery and a Planetarium. These will soon be joined by the Museum of Natural History once the Department of Tourism vacates its current building.

Ayala Museum

For a quick hit of Filipino history, the Ayala Museum will do the trick. It tells the story of the country’s convoluted and often bloody history through 60 dioramas telling the story from prehistory, through Islamic and Chinese rule to postwar independence. The cruelties of the Marcos regime and more recent times are told through video presentations.

Club Intramuros Golf Course

One of the world’s most unusual golf courses, the Intramuros course was created in 1907 by the Americans, who filled in the moat of the old walled city. It may not be quite PGA standard but its urban setting, the need to cross several roads and avoid pedestrians and the occasional wall more than make up for it. A mere par 66, there are nevertheless plenty of water hazards and traps to avoid and playing at night when its cooler is advisable.

The Coconut Palace

A stellar example of the worst of the Marcos regime’s excess, this residence was built using natural materials (hence its name) to host Pope John Paul II during his visit to the country. However the Pontiff quite rightly refused to stay within its gaudy walls. Today it is now the home and office of the Vice-President and tours can be booked through his office.

Today Manila has a cosmopolitan vibe, attracting more than one million tourists a year who find there is no shortage of things to do.

During her recent trip to the Philippines, Sarah has discovered some of the hidden treasures on the country that she believes are great for incoming tourists.

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Ms. cin’s scarf, autobiographical

The always impeccably dressed Ms. Cinderella did a load of blacks last night (laundry, not the oppressed minority.)  Brought them in, sorted them, hung the delicates up to dry. 
Among these delicates drying on a hanger in her front non-closet was her favorite black knitted shrug with the long black heavily fringed scarfy things that wrap around her neck and shoulders for warmth and also inconveniently fall into toilets, sinks, and wet puddles on the playground when she keels forward in convulsions of laughter and tears during Wednesday morning duty with the erudite and witty Sister del Sorro.
Cinderella understands the brooch as a concept yet does not put her mastery of the subject into practical application.
As it was a tad chilly this morning, she grabbed said shrug from the hanger in said non-closet on her way out the door in the early morning twilight to perform her job of adolescent psyche artiste.  She passed her day delivering the great wisdom of language and life she accumulated over the last close to four decades of her existence on her planet. 
In an even more stunning display of talent, she then remained in her studio until 6:30, interacted with the moderately literate (poverty is a harsh mistress) suppliers of her artistic medium,  discussed her (their progeny’s psyche artiste)  unfortunate shortcomings as an educator and human,  and pledged upon the life of her beloved 27 year old cat and her collection of vintage spike heeled patent leather pumps that she would give up any semblance of a personal life and fully commit herself to: writing grants to enrich the learning environment ; reading and heeding bourgeois, judgmental teacher manuals written by pompous condescending know -it -alls (who must be right due to the slightly too warm, syrupy, sticky, ooey gooey  superiority baby boomers and middle school administrators vehemently express during mandatory “book club” roundtables); scrubbing, sweeping, organizing, and polishing each surface, shelf, student, and paper clip within her jurisdiction;  devising, designing, and implementing the latest technological advancement/classroom management/character development hoo-ha;   remaining an educational website surfing, smart-board mastering, quiz grading, thematic unit planning, fear induced book clubbing, self-flagellating, hair shirt wearing insomniac martyr until their mouth-breathing, pencil breaking, paper shredding, gum chewing, ass grabbing, 92 IQ having sack of skin, bones, and stink makes the A in her class they know he would make if she wasn’t picking on him/her because “He/she’s shy.”
So in between these titillating and satisfying conversations and searching for the perfect wiggle dress at to go with the positively delectable black calfskin d’Orsay pumps with the crimson embroidered Chinese silk covered 5 inch spikes she won on e-bay, she took a few short walks around the perimeter of the school.  As it was still a tad brisk, she took her favorite black knitted wrap to block the cold.  Three or four times, wearing the fringy shrug, she passed through the halls crowded with parents desperately seeking a dose of the dumb ass shit curing pixie dust they’re convinced all teachers keep hidden in the deepest, darkest recesses of their least organized file cabinet (just behind the six pack of King Size Snickers and the fifth of Jack Daniels.)
For thirty whole minutes, wearing the shrug under bright fluorescent lights, she stood in the cafeteria directing parents to their desired destinations.  Through the office she passed; not once, not twice, (yes, wearing the favored black outerwear) but three times to go out to her car to pretend to look for something she needed to avoid being bothered by anyone at that particular moment.
6:30 came. 
“You ready to go, Sis?”  Del Sorro, her comadre, asks as she enters Cinderella’s now- devoid -of- miracle- cure seekers room (not, previously, were the academically and professionally subversive conversations held by these women  in between parent conferences, dress searching, and human avoiding, mentioned.  Those are for another time.) 
She pulled on and wrapped around her favorite black knitted scarfy shrug with the long fringe; packed up “her” laptop computer; grabbed her car keys out of and threw her cell phone into her butter soft, olive green leather memorably beer stained grand canyon of a handbag, and left the building with her sister from a different mister.
Plans were made. 
Parents and students were wished a pleasant evening. 
She drove home in the yellow Volkswagen bug with the bee-yotch sticker and the dash vase full of fake orange and yellow wildflowers she bought 3 years ago with her wedding/honeymoon deposit refund.  She stopped at the Korean liquor store on the way home for a cheap bottle of Pinot Noir.
She got home.  She fed the cats the frugally conserved last third of the last of three cans of Friskies’ salmon pate purchased at a convenience store during the previous week’s ice storm.  Cats swirled and whined. One side of her favorite black knitted scarfy shrug fringe fell into said Friskies’ salmon pate.  She picked a piece of pate out of the fabric and threw the beloved garment into the living room to rescue it from further salmon pate stench infection.  It landed on her blond wood 1960s sewing box. 
She poured a healthy share of pinot into a glass with a faded green and red image of the Virgin Mary that had once housed a prayer candle.  She grabbed three candles from her ice storm stash, placed them in the mismatched ceramic candlesticks by the TV and on the coffee table and lit them. She retrieved her glass of wine from the kitchen.  She took a relief giving sip and   looked towards the living room.  
 Against the soft light of three white candles and a 40 watt reading lamp with a beaded shade, a strange line of dull faded black erupted from the tips of the lush and nubby black fringe.
She panicked; terrified that she had damaged her beloved shrug due to her lack of ability to find any of the 10 lingerie bags her former roommate, Mer, had left when she, unfortunately, moved out. 
She managed to regain her composure long enough to reach for the garment to see if it was fixable damage.
What she felt was rougher than the soft fabric she had come to expect.  She untangled the interloper from the mass of black yarn.
“Jesus Fucking Murphy! 
She stared at the cloth in her hand.
“I was wondering where my black cotton thong went.”


Upcoming Events


Summer/Fall  2010 Schedule

FREE Lecture ***  Topic:  Developing your 6th Sense(s) thru Healing

Hosted by: Lynda Lichti, RMT, EEBMT
Location: The Center For Oneness, 124 Sibley Ave Ardmore, PA 19003
(parking is anywhere in the Street)

Time: TBA


Reiki Practitioner Intensive – 4:00pm – 8:00pm.  This is  for anyone wishing to become a
certified Reiki Practitioner.  In this 4-hour Intensive, you will receive the training, materials,
attunements and certification necessary to practice Usui Tibetan Reiki.  25  The location
is at The Center for Oneness  124 Sibley Ave.,  Ardmore,  PA.19003  
Pre-registration required
via payment.

8/23/2010 –

Reiki Practitioner Intensive – 4:00pm – 8:00pm.  This is  for anyone wishing to become a
certified Reiki Practitioner.  In this 4-hour Intensive, you will receive the training,materials,
attunements and certification necessary to practice Usui Tibetan Reiki.  25  The location
is at The Center for Oneness  124 Sibley Ave.,  Ardmore,  PA.19003  
Pre-registration required
via payment.

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January 24-27                  Edmonton AB  Private sessions          SOLD OUT

Jan 30- Feb 4                    Laos Angel es   Private sessions           SUCCESSFUL!           

February 10-15                Mayan Riviera, MX  Private sessions                                  

February 23                      Tulum Mexico                       COMPLETED AND AWESOME!


                                    THANKS TULUM & ALL THE BEAUTIFUL SOULS I MET!!




         Margo will also be offering Organic Spa Facials as well as private readings. 


March  13, 14, 15





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 MARCH 15  





For more information, appointments and to RSVP

Web site:

or phone  (780) 931-SOUL (7685)




                                                      – HOME BASE


                                                           MARCH 20 – JUNE 15

May 20, 21 & 22- Jasper National Park

Angel workshop and Rocky mountain retreat


-How to hear your angels

-Working with the angelic realm

-Color therapy and healing with the Angels

-Spa services/Yoga/Guided meditation and more!

         Some private sessions available Additional cost.         

 Recommended to Book in advance!

  * transportation not included

save 00.00 before March 30 2011*

                                                     be true . be you.


                                                  JUNE 15- JUNE 21



Kamloops &


Private sessions & Readings

JUNE 23 in Hawaii with Doreen Virtue!







                                    Spring/Summer/Fall 2011

Home base and long distance healing will be available, As well as a full service spa space, and spirit walks. Coming soon!

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قلعة سومري العراق _كتب و مخطوطات روحانيه_كشف_محبه وجلب وتهيج الرجال والنساء_فك السحر_تسريع النصيب_علاج وزواج البنت البائر والعانس_رد المطلقات_علاج المس وأخراج الجان_اورده وادعيه مستجابه_استحضار الارواح_فلك وابراج_الاحجار الكريمه_علوم الباراسيكولوجى والفراسه_اخراج الكنوز والدفائن_رياضه واسرار وخوارق_علوم الحروف والاوفاق_طب الآعشاب_سومري العراق_الآتصال بالشيخ 009647708967778

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::::: somans leisure | experience… beyound… :::::

1. How is it like to  travel with  Somans Leisure Tours ?

Travelling with Somans is like travelling   with  a  joint Family.   It is always Comfortable  Affordable  Interesting . You will be getting a tour  you always wished  for . Well experienced  Malayalee Tour manager accompanies   You

2. Is the tour all inclusive?
Yes it is.

3.  Apart from the tour cost do we have to pay anything extra ?
     No, usually all our tours take care of everything from takeoff  to
     landing. For our  Europe tours we even include tips ( which is         2 Euro  per day, per person)   and Travel Insurance

4  Which  type of hotels you provide?
     For all tours we  take  minimum  3  star. For Europe and  USA      most of the  hotels are 4 star . We always try to choose hotel             located near shopping areas and  metro stations.

5    What kind of food you offer?
  For almost all the tours  we provide Indian Lunch &  Indian dinner.
   In Bejing and Shanghai we provide Chinese Lunch. Breakfast   is    always complimentary either American   or Continental 

Much more food selections for people who have diabetes mellitus

This kind of Drive the particular log Diabetes Today the particular Philippine Diabetes Federation published a special directory of Diet, which can be this article We wrote: “More energy options”. This i copy out element, should you soon conclude reading through the entire post inside digi pics.

You’ll find hypotheses in which circumstances for example diabetes type 2 (DM2) and also weight problems, may possibly reveal the truth that human being genes is better prepared to deal with meals absence circumstances (surroundings by which our own types has evolved Around many thousands of years) compared to neutral circumstances regarding superabundance regarding meals, specifically carbohydrate food constantly made available, the main origin sign of designed societies inside latest decades. (One) Thus, the particular DM2 reveal a good ineffectiveness or even inefficiency in the metabolic rate regarding carbohydrate food (CHO).

Two kinds of people
Consequently, we will state that there is variability inside just how people metabolize CHOs, people who metabolic rate will be the CHO diet plans have an overabundance choices to select from. People that don’t have less alternatives. In this particular second item group are the type using weight problems, glucose intolerance, metabolic malady, DM2, DM1 and also gestational all forms of diabetes.
The main attribute regarding diabetes type 2 is insulin shots opposition and also this is defined as capable of metabolize CHOs nicely. In DM1, this incapability is caused by the condition of overall insulin shots lack, due to the particular devastation regarding insulin shots generating tissues ( tissues), and also this is exactly what causes the particular deficiency. (A couple of)

Source of nourishment metabolic rate
Within the very first group of people 7 Day Belly Blast Diet prior to citad, web browser, people who metabolic rate will be the CHO, CHO absorption must not influence blood glucose levels (GS), but tend to influence an increase in body weight, and also CHO surplus unwanted fat gets insulin shots constantly seen in one’s body. GS numbers of these people (with out weight problems, glucose intolerance, metabolic malady, DM2, DM1 or even gestational all forms of diabetes), are actually extremely steady in the range from 71 to be able to 98 milligrams / dL (95% of times throughout the day and also 99% of times through the night), using hardly any variability (+ 30 milligrams / defensive line) at little time go beyond numbers of A hundred and forty milligrams / defensive line. (Several.4) This kind of corresponds to a worth regarding glycosylated hemoglobin ( HbA1c) less than or even add up to 5%. Probably none of such individuals have that you experienced one of the long-term person suffering from diabetes issues for example renal failure or even microaneurysms and also hemorrhages in the retina leading to loss of sight, and others, and in reality, illogical considering, which explanation for these kind of issues will be the irregularity from the numbers of GS.

Within the subsequent group of people, web browser how the CHOS metabolic rate is, what happens is:

In scenario regarding hyperglycemia, having several CHOs additional increase the level of glucose in the blood vessels, however, not result in an increase in body weight as the glucose are unable to get into tissues due to deficiency of ample insulin shots.
In point out regarding hypoglycemia, eat several CHOs for instance, using meals to deal with hypoglycemia (instead of the glucose required which can be quickly quantifiable pills), promotes putting on weight, because they are current a pair of elements: very first , an excessive amount of glucose (through CHO) consumed overly to deal with hypoglycemia), and on the opposite side, an excessive amount of insulin shots, (explanation for hypoglycemia).
In scenario regarding normoglycemia (71 – 98 milligrams / defensive line), having several CHOs will cause the requirement for extra or even surplus insulin shots (both shot or even ancient) to attempt to keep the GS at standard amounts. This kind of excessive intake of CHO certainly result in an abundance of glucose, due to the purely natural defect within this group of people and also, in the fraction of times is offset so correct with all the actual level of insulin shots to attain postprandial normoglycemia. Moreover, insulin shots motion, provided significantly glucose is present, is usually to facilitate the particular alteration regarding glucose into unwanted fat, which usually will lead to putting on weight. We quite often see this inside individuals with diabetes type 2, whenever they eat an excessive amount of carbs, one’s body is forced to produce a lot more insulin shots to attempt to sustain normoglycemia. The combination regarding an excessive amount of glucose and also an excessive amount of insulin shots causes the organization regarding unwanted fat and the propensity to realize fat.

Insulin will be the main regulator regarding fat cell function. When levels of insulin tend to be increased, both persistantly or even after a meal, our own flesh build up extra fat. When levels of insulin have been in the particular minimum quantity important to possess standard numbers of GS, the making occurs from extra fat body adipose tissue is employed while source of energy. (5)
Thus, we can state that for people who have weight problems, glucose intolerance, metabolic malady, DM2, DM1 or even gestational all forms of diabetes, it will be logical to be able to recommend an eating plan using surplus CHO.