Boost Your Health with Health Drink Supplements

A wide variety of energy drinks of different brands are available these days both in the local market as well as at the online marts. The main function of these beverages is to boost your physical as well as mental energy. Energy drinks provide you with large doses of essential vitamins and essential minerals especially B12. It has the ability to stimulate your body and refresh your mind. Energy drinks also increases your concentration as well as meliorates your mental functioning

Energy drinks like ‘PROTIS- Berry/Chocolate’, ‘Instant Amla drink’, ‘Yogi Tea women’s energy 30 gram’, ‘Aplomb PRO VIT X’, ‘Gin Oxy Chai- Ginger Tulsi Herbal Tea’, ‘Solutions Energy 60’, ‘Green Energy tea’, ‘RiteBite Women Honey & Nut’, and ‘GNC CoQ 10-50 mg’, are available at You can view their website and buy the aforementioned products at a competitive price.

PROTIS usually comes in Chocolate flavor or unique Berry flavor. PROTIS is an ‘energy drink supplement’ for small children. It provides them balanced nutrition and nourishes them with vitamins and minerals, essential proteins, and carbohydrates. Composition of the energy drink is free of Lactose and contains low fat. PROTIS fosters growth as well as ensures supply of adequate energy. Energy drinks plays a vital role in building strong bones & muscles, and maintaining healthy skin hair & teeth. These potent stimulants will sharpen your mental acumen and help you acquire good vision.

‘Instant Amla drink’ available at, comprises of amla, lemon, & ginger. This ‘natural source of vitamin C’ has the potential to quickly assimilate in the system of the human body. Amla not only kills viruses but also neutralizes toxins, and free radicals present in your body. It has been clinically tested that doses of ‘vitamin C’ is effective in treating viral infection. Apart from strengthening your body’s immune system ‘Instant Amla drink’, which is rich in antioxidant contributes greatly towards good health as well as longevity. ‘Solutions Energy 60’- metabolizes foods, combats fatigue and enhances production of energy. It will stimulate your central nervous system, enhance your cognitive performance, help in instant energy production as well as promote alertness.

‘Green energy tea’ contains 68% green tea, guarana, 7% lemon grass, peppermint, ginger, natural flavor, elderflower, black pepper, dried kombucha drink, and lemon verbena. Guarana is well known for its refreshing as well as nutritive value. This potential stimulant treats hangover caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and decreases fatigue effectively.’ Yogi Tea women’s energy 30 gm’ – This ayurvedic blend is composed of hibiscus, mint, and liquorice. This herbal blend will refresh your mind, provide relief from stress, support your digestive system, provide additional energy and boost your stamina.

Protein shakes rebuilds your damaged muscles by supplying the required amount of energy. PROTIS-power 80% (Soy Protein Isolate), PROTIS-100%Whey protein concentrates, GNC 100%Whey Protein Powder Chocolate 1Lb, Wholesome Protein -250g/55lbs, Whey-O-Life-500g are available at at a competitive market price. These nutritious shakes are rich in dietary source of amino acids. Essential as well as non-essential amino acids are usually required for building various proteins, which in turn is used by the human body to repair the worn out muscles & other tissues of the body. Protein supplements also play a key role in growth and bone development. These advanced dietary supplements which are considered to be the best alternative for ‘lean source of protein’ also helps in maintaining your skin. ” are rich in antioxidants and contains anti-carcinogenic properties. They do not contain steroids/drugs. The advantages of regular consumption of protein shakes are many; they provide support to the immune system of your body, protect you from bacteria and viruses, ameliorate composition of body mass, boost your physical activities and help in developing positive outlook. They do not contain any steroid or drug and is easy to digest.

” supplements; generally referred as ‘nutrition powerhouse’ contains phytochemicals, that not only fights against diseases like cancer, osteoporosis but also reduces the risk of heart ailment. This multi-nutrient dietary supplement contains protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium, folic acids & iron. Isoflavones, saponins, & phytic acid, are some of the phytochemicals that are present in Soy protein. Each of them performs specific functions. Isoflavones is a powerful antioxidant that prevents ‘uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells’ in the human body i.e. cancer, as well as signs of aging. Isoflavones along with vitamin E, A, and C counters ravaging effects of pollution, stress, and free radicals present in the body. Saponins which are strong antioxidants support your immune system. Phytosterols and Saponins once combined with cholesterol acts as a powerful agent in reducing the level of ‘cholesterol absorption’ in your body.

Protein is the primary component of any organ, muscle, or gland of the human body. Each and every living cells of our body contain protein. The only exception is bile and urine. Protein plays a very important role in maintaining the cells of ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Protein supplements such as Total One Sport 60, Green foods magma plus 150gm, Growth-O-Life, PROTIS-GOLD (Whey Protein Isolate) are the richest sources of ‘nourishment’ and contains ‘growth stimulating amino acid blend’. They provide additional amount of protein that is necessary for increasing muscle mass as well as for the healthy development of brain and body. They also promote rapid growth and helps in achieving ideal body composition.

Protein powder is specially formulated protein supplement that supplies non-essential & essential amino acids, required for building & maintaining the muscles of your body. Daily intake of these dietary supplements containing ‘high quality protein’ will result in strong hair & healthy skin. They contain dietary fiber and are easy to digest.

GNC 100% Whey Protein Powder Chocolate 2Lb, Healthy Carbs, Healthy Gains-Value Pack 7.6 lbs, PROTIS-100% Whey Protein Concentrate, and Mega Gains-700g/1.54lbs, are protein powders that are readily available at They are rich in micronutrients, antioxidants, and anti-carcinogenic actions. They supply balanced calories, essential vitamins &minerals to the human body, which in turn is required for gaining weight. Consumption of these aforementioned protein powders is absolutely safe, as they are free of drugs and steroids.

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